The Process

At Mathew Jewelers, custom jewelry isn’t just made. It’s created.

But its creation begins with you. Your personality, your ideas and desires, melded with precious metal and stones.
The first step in creating your custom piece is for us to sit down and talk. You’ll not only share your thoughts about the piece you want to create, but also your likes and your lifestyle. All are crucial in crafting jewelry that fits you and your spirit.

Then we get to work.

Remember that your custom jewelry will take time to create. Plan the process taking four to six weeks after your initial consultation.

At Mathew Jewelers, we have a proud tradition of old-school craftsmanship. Blending that craftsmanship with high-tech tools is an art in itself. Before we get to work on physical models, we create a sketch based on our discussion. The sketch will show you the shape, stone position, and many of the details of your design. It will give you an excellent indication of how your finished piece will look, yet changes can still be easily made at this point.

Next, we’ll create a wax model of your custom jewelry. When we have your approval, we will use this model to craft the finished piece.

After we have cast your piece in precious metal, we expertly file and sand it in preparation for final assembly. Then we add the stones and give it a final polish and inspection before revealing the dazzling complete piece.